About PawsTrail

As the founders of PawsTrail, we are seasoned web developers that have been surfing the Internet since 1996. In an effort to remain updated with rapidly changing technologies, we find ourselves crunching tons of web pages every day.

As time has gone by, the Internet has become overcrowded with second class web pages and the task of finding the closest web page to what we want has become more and more difficult. For us, It began to take more time than ever to locate useful information, and in some cases, we even missed out on the best data.

While considering the problem, we thought it might be cool if the interesting links could be marked, so we would know where to channel and focus our time. Obviously, how interesting a link is is a personal preference, meaning that I might consider certain things more noteworthy than others.

In any case, this wasn't all - we had two more problems to solve:

  1. We often found ourselves tediously searching for pages we had already read in the past. We wanted a mechanism that would remember all the pages we have "Liked" and allow us to retrieve them quickly when needed.
  2. We wanted to be able to chat about pages with our friends and colleagues.

With an understanding of these basics, we have embarked on a journey to develop such an application. At present, PawsTrail is in its beta stage and it has become a tremendously useful tool for us. We invite you to test it as well and let us know what you think.

Happy surfing,
PawsTrail founders.